The Reading Terminal Market

Dorothy grew up in South Jersey, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. She remembers her mother taking regular trips to Philly and visiting The Reading Terminal Market. We had a chance to go there on a recent visit. It was an absolute madhouse on a Sunday afternoon. The place is a huge market with shops selling virtual any and everything to eat  – prepared foods or groceries – plus textiles, and numerous other goods.

I had my camera in hand and found a vast amount of subjects to photograph so that I could try to convey the feel and look of the market.

shelves full of snacks and treats
This wall of snacks had everything one could imagine. Larry Shapiro photo
display case with truffles
Truffles other assorted candies. Larry Shapiro photo
organic soaps and bath salts on display
Specialty soap and bath salts. Larry Shapiro photo
colorful linens on display
These beautiful table cloths really tempted Dorothy. Larry Shapiro photo
Live soft shell crabs at a restaurant
Live soft shell crabs. Larry Shapiro photo
specialty soaps on display
All natural soap products along with lotions. Larry Shapiro photo
bags or assorted popcorn
The only reason I passed up the popcorn was the difficulty I’d have eating and taking pictures. Larry Shapiro photo
fresh vegetables in a store
Great looking fresh vegetables sold by farmers. Larry Shapiro photo
The assortment of food that was offered was huge. Larry Shapiro photo
The assortment of food that was offered was huge. Larry Shapiro photo
bulk candy in a store
Everything was very colorful like this bulk candy display. Larry Shapiro photo

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