Southwest DC Waterfront sunset

During a recent visit to Washington, I found myself on the Southwest DC Waterfront at sunset. After having some dinner … without my camera … I witnessed this absolutely gorgeous sunset. Armed only with a smart phone, I took these images as the sun was a deep, golden yellow. It was just above treetop height and offered me the ability to create these dramatic shots that silhouetted a huge crane and the boats tied up in the harbor.

southwest DC waterfront
Images captured with my phone have none of the depth that my DSLR can record. The fact that the sun was dipping behind the trees helped me achieve a nice balance between the bright highlight of the sun and the shadows of the foreground. Larry Shapiro photo

Though my camera would have recorded significantly more detail in the highlights, most people would nevertheless be quite pleased with this image.

southwest DC waterfront
The crane with the open lattice boom coupled with the cables and tall shape lent themselves to a very dramatic image that was simple to create. Larry Shapiro photo