I started this blog at at the first of the year at larryshapiro.tumblr.com and have created 6 months worth of content there. I have since decided that the format provided on tumblr does not adequately offer everything that I’m looking for.

So as of June 1, 2014, I’ll be posting to this new site.

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Dear Mr,Shapiro,
    You have pictures of a fire that happened at Half Day Road . A house that was set off by the garage and near the house. 76 Riverwoods Road. Can you please send me the rest of those photos you took of my brothers house. thank you Ellen Grossman

  2. Larry,
    I will make this short but are you for hire in the Racine County area ???

  3. Hi Larry,

    Would you please provide your address so that I can send a photo release form from Schiffer Publishing for the Chicago fireboat image you kindly provided for my book? Thanks.

    Wayne Mutza

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  5. Larry,
    i met you years ago at a CFD muster. I have many of your photos in my collection.

    i am in the process of downsizing and have a massive collection of CFD photos and slides, and a huge FAJ collection to get into the ‘right’ hands. Do you have Bill Friedrich’s email or phone so i can ask him? know anyone else i can inquire with in Chicagoland? have many old CFD journals as well. thx Dale Belles

  6. Larry, do you know how I can contact Dennis McGuire Jr. ? He posted a photo on one of your web sites (firescenes.net) and I would like to use the photo for an article in a newsletter. Thanks, David Menken

  7. Hi Larry, You have some great pictures of our products being used on vehicle accidents in your area. We may be interested in using some for our marketing materials. Would you please contact me and let me know you policy/pricing on use of your pictures? Our products are the red, white and blue stabilization struts: http://www.Rescue42.com. Thanks!

  8. Larry,
    On Chicagoareafire.com you posted evening shots of rigs and Firefighters. Are you using a flash or camera mounted light?

      1. What is your opinion of hot shoe mounted lights for on scene video shoots? Any recommendations??

  9. Larry –
    I am trying to get an update posted to Chicagoareafire regarding my book “Steel Men and Wooden Ladders.” I have published the book and have it available to anyone who might be interested, but cannot find a way to submit the info. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.

  10. Your photos published on Chicago fire.com in May of 2017. Can you provide me with unobstructed photos? Please feel free to contact me.

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