Scenic images of Davis

During a recent visit to the campus of UC Davis, Dorothy and I took a walk to explore the area. I of course had my camera in hand and captured several scenic images of Davis. We enjoyed a small creek covered with thick green algae, and the ducks swimming there with no wake or trail. One had a beak covered with the algae.

Thick algae on the water
The sea of pea green algae was perfectly still. Larry Shapiro photo
ducks mired in thick algae
The algae was so thick that there was no evidence of the duck’s movement. Larry Shapiro photo

We discovered the US Bicycling Hall of Fame is in Davis.

US Bicycling hall of fame
The US Bicycling Hall of Fame. Larry Shapiro photo

And … fitting for the area was this bike of a homeless person filled with discarded recycling.

homeless person's bike
Instead of a shopping cart, this homeless person used a bike to cart around discarded recyclables. Larry Shapiro photo

Dogs and Cats

We encountered various pets along the way, from a missing cat to three dogs out for a stroll without having to walk.

Notice of lost cat on a utility pole
Not a lost cat … but a found cat. Larry Shapiro photo
Three dogs in a jogging stroller
Hamming it up for the photo, these dogs were living it up while their owner went for a walk. Larry Shapiro photo

Along one of the trails that we took were dozens of eucalyptus trees of different varieties. Fortunately most had signs, because Dorothy was fascinated to know what each was.

Pink Ironbark eucalyptus tree
Pink Ironbark eucalyptus tree. Larry Shapiro photo

Walking around the UC Davis campus we saw this beautiful street with a canopy of huge trees.

US Davis campus tree covered street
US Davis campus tree covered street. Larry Shapiro photo