Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

I wanted to capture at least one sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean while I was away. The ability to capture a great sunrise or sunset first requires some assistance from Mother Nature. Weather conditions are the foremost consideration when determining how dramatic the sun will appear, if in fact it’s visible at all. We had a great morning with scattered clouds but were totally shut out for sunset due to overcast skies.

The advantage of the scattered clouds was a filtering of the harshest direct sunlight. At the same time I benefited from the colors that disperse throughout the sky.

Atlantic Ocean sunrise
As the sun breaks the horizon, the clouds filter the harshest light and create dramatic designs with the colors. Larry Shapiro photo

Quite frankly, often it’s a crap shoot. Here, there was enough clear sky to allow the colors and then an opening for the sun to peak out without being too bright. In the shot below, a boat had just crossed my view leaving a break in the waves seen as the bright orange line from side to side.

Atlantic Ocean sunrise
When the sun is visible through an opening in the clouds, it’s still muted but is high enough to have a great reflection on the water’s surface. Larry Shapiro photo

Shots were created on a tripod with a remote cable release to prevent camera shake.

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