Silhouetting palm trees at sunrise

After photographing the sunrise from the beach, I moved to another beautiful spot with trees. By silhouetting the palm trees at sunrise, I was able to come away with a twofer … an ocean sunrise and a dramatic tropic island sunrise. As described in the previous post, by sheer luck I had light clouds which expanded the time that I had to work with. If I’d had a clear sky, the sun would have been too harsh to continue shooting as I did. Even with multiple exposures for an HDR process, I still would not have been able to achieve the subtle effects of these two images.

palm trees silhouetted at sunrise
The light cloud formation created a wonderful filter to mute the direct sun and disburse the light and colors. Larry Shapiro photo
palm trees silhouetted at sunrise
By changing my position and hiding behind several trees, I was still able to capture a dramatic image despite the extreme harsh direct sunlight. Larry Shapiro photo

Neither image required much in the way of post production editing … a little tweaking of the levels, a slight boost in vibrance, and some perspective adjustment in the top image.