Manicured and sculpted bushes around Palm Beach

The manicured and sculpted bushes around Palm Beach are incredible. What does it cost to maintain the landscaping on these properties … you know what they say, if you have to ask …

As we walked and explored, we went through some incredible neighborhoods, each seemingly more opulent than the last. An exception was the massive beach front property, Maison L’Amitie, the home formerly owned by Donald Trump that was sold for $95 million, as it is vacant and in total disrepair.

Here are a few examples of manicured foliage that we came across.

Manicured bushes in Palm Beach
A huge privacy wall along the sidewalk near the intracoastal waterway. Larry Shapiro photo
Manicured bushes in Palm Beach
Another view showing the length of the property and the simple, all green design. Larry Shapiro photo
Manicured bushes in Palm Beach
Another variation but not as tall that added numerous hibiscus bushes for color. Larry Shapiro photo

As we were curious about how they maintain these walls, we came upon these two guys at work.

Manicured bushes in Palm Beach
We think these guys need a taller ladder. Larry Shapiro photo
Fire hydrant surrounded by manicured bushes
Much to the chagrin of the residents, fire hydrants need to be visible and accessible. Larry Shapiro photo
Round sculpted bushes in Palm Beach FL.
Some prefer mushrooms tops to straight walls. Larry Shapiro photo
archway sculpted brom bushes at Palm Beach home
Many homes have these archways sculpted from trees or bushes. Larry Shapiro photo
Sculpted and manicured bushes and ornate landscaping in Palm Beach FL
The sculpted bushes are only one element in the ornate landscaping that defines the entrance to this property. Larry Shapiro photo