Creating a multi-story building with wood

During a recent visit to Silver Spring, MD, I could see a construction project across the street. On several previous occasions, I watched them demolish a church that was there, dig a huge area for the below-ground parking, and set the support pylons. I was amazed this trip to see the progress and to observe them creating a multi-story building with wood.

constructing a building out of wood
Building out the 5th floor during the first day of my visit. Larry Shapiro photo
tower crane over a construction site
Two days after I arrived the progress is noticeable. Larry Shapiro photo

Quite frankly I didn’t realize that this was done anymore. I would have thought that concrete and steel were the modern-day materials with metal studs. The sheer volume of lumber not this project is staggering.

intricate building layout with lumber
Kind of looks like a maze from this vantage point. Larry Shapiro photo
constructing a building out of wood
The amount of lumber being used is incredible. Larry Shapiro photo

It will be interesting to see the progress next month when I’ll be there again.