The Davis Farmer’s Market

The family was in Davis, CA this summer for my niece’s wedding. Dorothy and I took a walk on Saturday morning and came upon the Davis Farmer’s Market. We’d just had a nice breakfast snack at a sidewalk cafe, otherwise I’d have sampled quite a few items here.

vendor with fresh peaches at framer's market
A vendor with fresh peaches. Larry Shapiro photo

The fruit looked absolutely wonderful and the vegetables were perfect. There is a large farming community in the area and this farmer’s market has an excellent reputation and is well attended.

loads of fresh tomatoes at a farmer's market
Tons of great looking cherry tomatoes. Larry Shapiro photo
Davis Bread & Desserts
All vendors were local. Larry Shapiro photo
fresh cinnamon bun served at farmer's market
If only I hadn’t just had breakfast … Larry Shapiro photo
baker with a tray of fresh rolls
Fresh croissants just out of the oven. Larry Shapiro photo

There were many families in attendance and there was certainly something for everyone.

toddler with dirty face watches older brother pick fruit
Looking up to his big brother … he;s clearly been sampling. Larry Shapiro photo
woman as clown making balloon art
Nothing creepy about this clown right? Larry Shapiro photo

It was hard to just walk through and not do any shopping.

fresh sweet corn in the husk at a farmer's market
There are few thing tastier than fresh sweet corn. Larry Shapiro photo

These peppers would have been perfect for our boys … always on the prowl for something hotter and spicier.

farm fresh jalapeño peppers at a farmer's market
We’d have stocked up if this was at home. Larry Shapiro photo