A swarm of flying ants can really have a negative affect on your disposition

While on assignment during the summer of 2019 in Hamilton, Ontario, we took four fire trucks to the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport where there was enough room to spread out for a group shot.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Warm and sunny with beautiful blue skies and just enough clouds to make it interesting, plus tons of open space to setup the photos.

Hamilton Ontario fire trucks
Without an airport it would have been extremely difficult to create this shot with virtually no post production edits or manipulation.

I got the group shot completed and then needed photos of each truck individually. The first, second, and third trucks were photographed without a hitch. It wasn’t until I started on the fourth truck that I began to notice I was having an issue with flying ants around me and the camera. I took my hat off to shoo them away until I realized that this only made them come at me in greater numbers and force.

I eventually gave up, grabbed my tripod and ran from the grass to the tarmac. This appeared to be enough of a change to allow me to finish shooting. I took a look around and noticed them swarming around the tip of the aerial ladder. This can give you some idea of what I was fighting with while I was still standing in the grass.

a swarm of flying ants
This is what was surrounding me while I was trying to work while standing in the grass
a swarm of flying ants
here’s a tighter view

Thank goodness we started the shoot long before they came out.