Point Mogu Rock along the Pacific Coast Highway

While on a drive south along the Pacific Coast Highway from Oxnard, CA, I passed the NAS Point Mogu and where the road passes through the Point Mogu Rock. It’s a scenic overlook and tourist attraction for the natural beauty of the rock.

Surprising as it may be to some, I’m always in a bit of a hurray amid time constraints to get back to the airport after completing an assignment. I try to make quick stops along any scenic route to grab some beautiful images.

I decided here to concentrate not on the highway passing through the massive rock, but a view just missing the highway which includes multicolored rocks, the ocean, and outlying Channel Islands National Park in the distance.

Pacific Coast Highway scenic near NAS Point Mogu CA
shot from the turnoff along the road, the beauty and splendor of the ocean and rock clusters along the beach provide a dramatic view
Pacific Coast Highway scenic near NAS Point Mogu CA
I thought this particular image lent itself beautifully to a black and white scene with the sharp contrast of values from pure white in the water to pure black in the rocks