Winter sunrise across a farm

Heading to an early morning assignment, I was driving in my usual manner … always paying attention to my surroundings … and the road. Though I was on schedule, I was by no means early. But, when I passed this view of a winter sunrise across a farm field, I found myself pulling off the road and making a U-turn to go back for the shot.

I figured it this way … the beautiful scene was not going to last and if I didn’t photograph I’d regret missing the opportunity. In addition to the golden glow of the sun, I was struck by the snow blowing across the field … something of a rarity in an urban or suburban area. I parked on the center median, engaged my flashers, and ran across the street.

I managed to grab about 20 quick images varying my exposure and position slightly. I loaded them into Adobe Lightroom and then brought this image into Photoshop for a few additional tweaks and filters from NiK Color Efex that required masking.

winter sunset with farm field and water tower
The snow blowing through the center of the frame was an element that I needed to preserve for the image to convey what I saw that morning. Larry Shapiro photo