Dramatic pink winter sunset

I was on the road at dusk and viewed what appeared to be the beginning of an average sunset … so I drove home. Not five minutes later, my wife looked up from her desk and told me that there was a spectacular sunset that I needed to photograph immediately. So, in what felt like 4 degree weather, I opened the window, removed the screen, leaned outside, and grabbed eight quick frames of this dramatic pink winter sunset … that I should have been in place to capture with a low horizon across a nearby man-made lake.

Pink winter sunset
Shot from a 2nd floor bedroom window at home. Larry Shapiro photo

The only post production edits that were made in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom were to bring out some of the foreground shadow detail, and to bring down the highlights in the sky just a touch. This was handheld at ISO 250, F4, 1/40th of a second using a 70-200mm lens at a focal length of 93mm.