The White House at sunset

I have had the good fortune of visiting Washington, DC several times this year. Easy time I pass through the capitol, I enjoy seeing the landmarks. Although I don’t always have the chance to be downtown and able to get photos, it’s always on my list of things to do.

This week, while driving to the airport, Dorothy and I had some extra time. We happened to find ourselves in the midst of DC at sunset … a great time for dramatic photos.

The White House at dusk
The White House from 16th Street and H Street NW at Lafayette Square. Larry Shapiro photo

I jumped out of the car several times to capture different scenes like the White House at sunset. They have already begun to erect structures for the upcoming inauguration, so the Capitol and White House are not in their most picturesque states, but nonetheless that was not going to stop me.

orange sunset behind The White House
A slight warming of the white balance brings out the golden colors of the sunset. Larry Shapiro photo