Walking around Nassau

In the final installment documenting our brief stay in Nassau, I wanted to walk through the town and see the old world charm of a Caribbean city. Though there was some native design to be seen, the town was loaded with signs of big US chains. There was no shortage of McDonalds, Burger Kings, Dunkin Donuts, and others that were enough to ruin the character of the native buildings and streets. I did my best to document the local flair.

downtown Nassau The Bahamas
one of the areas where I was able to see some local design without national chains
Nassau The Bahamas
this is the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation
downtown Nassau The Bahamas
Pompey Square Nassau The Bahamas
four cruise ships in Nassau
four cruise ships docked in Nassau Harbour
Type 3 ambulance in the Bahamas
what would a trip be without a local ambulance or fire truck?

The government and official buildings are painted pink or turquoise. Bright colors dot the streets with interesting stores, but once I walked a few blocks of the busiest area, the streets were largely deserted and vacant. The port can accommodate four huge cruise ships, and the the area directly adjacent to the place where passengers disembark has the usual batch of tourist traps selling souvenirs along with taverns and bars that are purely for the tourists and not the locals.

Nassau Government House
Government House
obelisk in Nassau The Bahamas
Nassau Public Library
tourist bar in Nassau
This area had all the local charm of the Coney Island Boardwalk
local artist in Nassau The Bahamas
street artist along Woodes Rogers Walk
colorful vacant buildings in Nassau The Bahamas
just a few blocks down Bay Street from all the hype are colorful but vacant buildings
vacant buildings in Nassau The Bahamas
a stretch of Bay Street which is all but deserted

One of the most interesting of areas was the area along the beach near the cargo terminal called the Fish Fry. At least here, the bars were local and there were dozens of small places to eat a short distance from the beach. The signs boasted beer brands and local names. There was not a single chain restaurant. This would be the area to visit for sampling the local fare being cooked outside or in small shacks that one would avoid anywhere else.

native restaurants in the Fish Fry in Nassau
native restaurants in the Fish Fry in Nassau
Fish Fry in Nassau
fresh Coconuts in the Fish Fry
Fish Fry in Nassau
this local shack didn’t open until late afternoon
Fish Fry in Nassau
the fish fry in made up of many colorful buildings
Fish Fry in Nassau
shack with crafts on the beach
native Nassau boys playing drums
native Nassau boys playing drums for tips
Opposite the street is this sandy path between the eateries and the beach

Walking through the Fish Fry along the Nassau Harbour is a beautiful public beach and bay with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. The Nassau Harbour Lighthouse is out on the point and a sailboat anchored off shore added to the scenic beauty.

beautiful catamaran in Nassau Harbour
the beach, turquoise waters, palm trees, a sail boat, and a light house … what more is there
Nassau Harbour with palm trees and a lighthouse
interesting palm trees frame the lighthouse
spectacular view of Nassau Harbour with palm trees and the lighthouse
one more shot of the beach framing the water with palm trees
Seagull on a wooden post
This local native was checking us out as we walked along the pier.

more to come …