Scenic Oregon along US Route 26

A couple of weeks ago I had an assignment in Seaside, Oregon which is … of course … on the coast. It’s in the northwest corner of the state about 20 miles from the Washington state line.

The drive from the airport in Portland took me along US Route 26, a beautiful path through some rural countryside complete with farms, mountains, forests, rivers, creeks, and timber country.

valley forest and mountains in Oregon
Scenic overlook at the crest of US Route 26

I passed through areas that had been clear cut in the not-to-distant past and other areas that had been recently replanted with new trees. I was told that logging rights were granted on 50-year-old growth with a requirement to replant the land.

scenic Oregon view with replanted forest
various stages of new growth in a replanted forest area
forested plateau in Oregon with new growth after clear cutting
the replanted section is in the middle of this view with a newly clear cut area in the distance and another section beyond that which was planted several years ago

Along the summit was a beautiful forested area with tall, mature pine trees.

tall trees on highway summit
these beautiful trees were at the summit along the highway
beautiful pine trees along Oregon highway
shot looking back at the road from the scenic overlook
rural farm with forested hills
I pulled of on a narrow shoulder to grab a shot of this beautiful farm