Transportation in NYC

Images here by my wife Dorothy riding shotgun during a trip this summer through New York City. She documents various means of transportation in NYC including:

A private helicopter landing along the FDR and the East River

Private helicopter transport in NYC
A helicopter landing at a heliport along the banks of the East River in Mid-town Manhattan. Dorothy Shapiro photographer

A ship on the East River

cargo ship on the East River in NYC
From the car while in traffic, this ship was moving on the East River. Dorothy Shapiro photo

Several NYPD units were involved with a traffic arrest and then took off down the shoulder at a good clip.

NYPD car running the shoulder of the FDR
These two NYPD cars were leaving a traffic stop after arresting one person. Dorothy Shapiro photo

Rush hour in NYC … paying tolls … just having all sorts of fun …

EZ-Pass lanes on a NY highway
Waiting our turn through the toll booth … artistic liberties taken … Dorothy Shapiro photo