House fire in Prospect Heights

Here are a few images from a house fire in Prospect Heights (IL) from early this morning (11-2-14). It was a devastating fire that destroyed the house. There were minor injuries to a police officer and the mother and father, but believe it or not the story gets sad from this point on.

The parents originally believed that their 14 year old son was trapped inside and later perished after police officers and firefighters were unsuccessful in their attempts to rescue him. It was later determined that he was not in the house at the time of the fire, and his whereabouts were unknown.

Later in the morning he was located by a neighboring police department, and he was subsequently charge with aggravated arson for setting the blaze that could have killed his entire family.

house engulfed in fire at night
Exposing for the flames and adding a flash produces an image with full detail in the flames plus illumination of the foreground detail. Larry Shapiro photo
house engulfed in fire at night
Adding a flash to light the foreground brings out much more detail, but the flames in this shot are over exposed. Larry Shapiro photo
silhouette of firemen
no supplemental light in the yard and shot without a flash, this image silhouettes the firefighters after exposing for the flames. Larry Shapiro photo
aftermath of a house fire
heavy damage to the rear of the house where the fire originated. Larry Shapiro photo