Topeka Fire Department

While visiting the Topeka Fire Department today, the weather was not ideal for outdoor truck photography. Well, when you’ve got less than perfect conditions and still need to complete the assignment, then it’s time to get creative …. and maybe think a little out of the box.

I had three engines to shoot, and the need to create something different with each, though the engines were identical.

First, we shot in the rain …

Topeka Fire Department Engine 4
Standing in the rain, I was able to create an interesting image of the engine framed by this classic firehouse arch. Larry Shapiro photo
Rosenbauer Commander fire engine
This image, taken in the rain while under the protection of an umbrella, shows this classic firehouse and has a great reflection on the pavement. Larry Shapiro photo

Next, during a brief pause in the rain, we found an interesting neighborhood where we framed Engine 7 on this tree lined street that as littered with fallen leaves which enhanced the colors of the engine.

Topeka Fire Department Rosenbauer fire engine
The remnants of the fall foliage create a frame surrounding the engine. Larry Shapiro photo

Then, when the rain refused to stop, we went for a totally different feel inside this modern firehouse that had plenty of room to use as a studio.

Rosenbauer fire engine in fire station
Topeka Engine 5 inside the station. larry Shapiro photo
fire engine in a fire station
Utilizing the fire station we could highlight more truck detail while creating an interesting image. Larry Shapiro photo