I’m not in Kansas anymore

After spending two days shooting trucks in Kansas, I couldn’t help myself from saying I’m not in Kansas anymore … upon my return. I spent several hours traversing some rural sections of Interstate 70. The weather was beautiful and picturesque, so I did what I always do … I document the landscape as I’m passing through. Just as I did recently in New Mexico, I captured over a hundred images along the way.

These few touch on a few scenes. The first two illustrate some of the rock cutouts that were blasted to create the highway.

highway scene in Kansas
A view down the road as we approached hill. Larry Shapiro photo
rock cutout along the highway
A very interesting section of rock that was blasted for the highway. Larry Shapiro photo

Though there were a fair number of hills, most of the land is flat with very muted shades at this time of year.

Kansas plains
Looking out of=ver a completely flat section of prairie along I70 in Kansas. Larry Shapiro photo