Sugar Life Candy Store

During a walk around the tourist section of Myrtle Beach, Dorothy and I stopped into the Sugar Life Candy Store. We’d seen something like this in Atlantic City, NJ. Bins and bins and bins of candy … a huge wall of Jelly Bellys …

The Sugar Life Candy Store
The Sugar Life Candy Store in Myrtle Beach. Larry Shapiro photo
huge display of Jelly Belly
Tons of different flavored Jelly Bellys. Larry Shapiro photo

There were free standing displays of toffee and rock candy …

Taffy Town Gourmet Taffy
The taffy display. Larry Shapiro photo
pink taffy in a candy store
Dozens of colors and flavors. Larry Shapiro photo
Rock candy display in a candy store
Rock Candy … not my personal favorite. Larry Shapiro photo

Candy teeth …

Candy teeth in a bin
Candy teeth. Larry Shapiro photo

Sour candy …

sour candy in big barrel
Sour candy dressed as hazardous waste. Larry Shapiro photo

Packaged candy …

Good and Plenty candy
An all time favorite of mine … Larry Shapiro photo

BeanBoozled® Jelly Belly Jelly Beans … (I’ve never seen or heard of these before)

BeanBoozled® Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Another type of Jelly Belly. Larry Shapiro photo

No calories in this sugar bin …

blue hard candy
Certainly no dyes in this candy. Larry Shapiro photo

And … something for the kids 🙂

stuffed animals and candy
Another display. Larry Shapiro photo