Airbus A380

Earlier this year I was photographing the new Rosenbauer Panther ARFF units at LAX. It was just after lunch and I was in front of ARFF 80, the airport fire station midway between parallel runways. Three Airbus 380 planes crossed Taxiway Romeo from 6R-24L heading to the International Terminal.

When you like big toys like I do, photographing big fire trucks is great but when a giant airplane comes by … well that’s just a bonus. The firefighters told me that five A380s come in around that time every day.

First was a British Airways flight.

British Airways Airbus A380 at LAX
The first to pass by was this British Airways Airbus A380. Larry Shapiro photo

Then planes from Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa passed by as I had an ARFF in position.

LAX ARFF 1 with a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380
The next A380 to come by was from Singapore Airlines. Larry Shapiro photo
LAX ARFF 4 with an Airbus A380
Lufthansa passed taxied behind ARFF 4. Larry Shapiro photo

It would have been incredible if the arriving A380s from Emirates, Air France, and Korean Air would have come by as well.