Scenic farm in Pike Road, AL

While on a truck shoot, I came across this beautiful scenic farm in Pike Road, AL. The colors and composition attracted me and the blue sky filled with puffy white clouds topped off the scene (literally).

Pike Road Alabama
Expansive fields and pond with a wooden fence in Pike Road, AL. Larry Shapiro photo

I used a few filters from the NIK Color Efex Pro suite (now discontinued by Google). The Foliage filter enhanced the greens with some yellow, the Glamour Glow filter added some softness and a slight overall glow, and Tonal Contrast gave some additional crisp detail to the trees and fence.

As one other minor enhancement, I isolated the highlights and changed the blend mode to multiply before creating a gradient to apply this to the sky only. Then I duplicated this layer and reduced the opacity to 50% for a little more depth in the sky.