Photographing work trucks

Photographing work trucks at a construction site for a client requires some advanced planning and discussions with the company that owns the truck, the driver, and of course someone with authority at the job site.

Here are three examples of application shots of cement mixers in different cities. Each mixer was built by McNeilus featuring chassis by Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Mack. Each site is a bit different which adds to the complexity of images provided to the client highlighting their product. These images represent Chandler Concrete, Wilsonville Concrete, and Holroyd Concrete, illustrating tandem, triple, and quadruple axle chassis.

Mack DM cement mixer at work
Chandler Concrete mixer on a Mack chassis pousing concrete for a loading dock in the south. Larry Shapiro photo
Kenworth cement mixer at work
A mixer from Holroyd Concrete working at a job site in Oregon. Larry Shapiro photo
Peterbilt cement mixer at work
A mixer on a Peterbilt chassis supplies a cement pump on a job site in the Pacific Northwest. Larry Shapiro photo

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  1. I can’t believe your OCD allowed you to post the pics 2 alxe, 4 axle then 3 axle, as opposed to 2-3-4 axle….

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