Cement mixer photographs

One more assignment to Florida in the hunt for cement mixer photographs took me to this company that had both trucks and a plant that were all part of the shoot.  It was hot and humid, and for the first shot I wanted to wet down the pavement for a dramatic reflection.

concrete plans with Oshkosh trucks
Four trucks were placed throughout this scene that had to include the plant itself. The wet pavement added a nice dimension to this industrial shot. Larry Shapiro photo

Next I followed one mixer to a job site …

Oshkosh concrete mixer in Florida
This mixer had a chassis that was branded with the Oshkosh name though it was built in conjunction with Freightliner. Larry Shapiro photo

The site was wide open and offered me quite a bit of room to maneuver for the shots that put the truck in full sun while it was pouring concrete.

cement mixer pouring concrete
I was able to capture images from all sides of the trucks to provide the client with a variety of images. Larry Shapiro photo

When the concrete was shown flowing down the chute, the client’s preference was to have a slow enough shutter speed to allow the full texture of the concrete to show up in the image.