Night fire scene photography

The final portion of my recent journey from Ohio back to the Chicago area culminated in me spotting this burning house not far from the highway. I followed the fire and was able to get a few quick shots as the final sections of the gutted house still burned. The night fire scene photography at this incident was either captured with the natural ambient light or a Canon 5DMK!!! with a 580 EXII series flash.

silhouette of firemen
Two firefighters oj a line providing exposure protection. Larry Shapiro photo
silhouette of fireman with hose at night
A sole firefighter directs a line to douse embers that could ignite a large tree. Larry Shapiro photo
remains of a house gutted by fire
The last bit of the house still burns ling after the structure collapsed. Larry Shapiro photo
bright light and spray from fire hose at night
Spray from a hose line illuminated by a flood light bend it. Larry Shapiro photo