High voltage power lines

I was trying out a new camera and wanted to test several scenarios. At dusk, I went to a local park where the high voltage power lines ran. Working off a tripod, I setup a few different views to gauge exposure range, pixel noise, and dynamic range. As the sun was setting, I created these few images with a few post production enhancements from NIK Color Efex.

High voltage power lines at sunset
Although the RAW file was able to retain most of the data to create this image, I used a second exposure to blend two images in the very center of the horizon. Larry Shapiro photo
High voltage power lines at sunset
Another view looking straight down the line of towers utilizing the same method as in the first image. Larry Shapiro photo
silhouette of high voltage power line support
Looking straight up from the base with a wide angle lens while exposing for the sky to get the silhouette. Larry Shapiro photo