Boston Ladder 17

Here’s a shot of one of the first new KME Severe Service Predator 109′ AerialCat ladders delivered to Boston. Boston Ladder 17 is an example of the type of trucks I really enjoy photographing. I’m not referring to KME or any particular brand … my preferences are purely selfish.

Looking at this truck, certain aspects of the design jump right out at me in terms of simplifying the process of creating a professional image … especially from the point of view of an anal retentive, obsessive compulsive individual.

Boston Ladder 17 KME AerialCat Severe Service Predator
Boston Ladder 17 is a 2013 KME 109′ AerialCat on a Severe Service Predator chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

Here are a few of the design elements that were helpful and contributed to a significant reduction in the time needed for capture and editing.

All of these factors combined make image capture quick and easy not only for this overcast day, but the same would hold true in bright sunlight.

Thanks Boston … nicely done.

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