Warrenton Fire Protection District

Here’s a recent image of a new rescue pumper by Rosenbauer on their Commander chassis for the Warrenton Fire Protection District, in MO. This is a rear pump unit with an incredible amount of storage space and interesting features. The colors … matching Chicago … make it just that much more interesting for some of us …

Rosenbauer America Commander rescue pumper
This new engine for Warrenton, MO stands out against the light orange colors in both the foreground and the background of the image. Larry Shapiro photo

This unit is loaded with Whelen 600 Series Super-LED® Lightheads that alternate blue and red. Also, the fire department’s name is cut into the center of the grille and is backlit.

I created this image with the urban backdrop depicting residue from a fire that destroyed a building on this spot. The graffiti adds to the gritty aspect of the scene.