The Chicago skyline from an airplane

In my continuing quest for a great shot of the Chicago skyline from an airplane, I submit this new entry. Returning from Pittsburg this week on Southwest Airlines, I had the window seat on the right side of the plane so that I could see the downtown area on final approach to Midway Airport. This trip brought us home a bit prior to sunset which provided beautiful and dramatic colors from the sky. While wrestling with keeping the wing from obstructing too much of the view, I grabbed about 15 shots from the time that I cold see the shoreline until we were well past  downtown.

Sunset over the Chicago skyline and lakefront from an airplane
The entire downtown is visible here as well as grant park with Buckingham Fountain, the She’d Aquarium, and the marina. Larry Shapiro photo

If I were to create the graduated effect of the colors in the sky, most would say that it was contrived. Here, Mother Nature shows us all how it’s done naturally.

Other attempts at the skyline from the air …