The Chicago skyline from 8000 feet

As part of my endeavor to create a beautiful image of┬áThe Chicago skyline from 8000 feet, I was on yet another Southwest flight leaving Midway Airport in the morning hours flying east. As we headed out over Lake Michigan, I again had a view of the skyline from the window seat … but alas, another dull┬ámorning with respect to the weather.

Chicago skyline from 8000 feet
As I first spotted the skyline, it was clear that this flight was not to be the one allowing me to capture a beautiful image. Larry Shapiro photo

Interestingly, the view on this particular flight was a bit more level and lower than normal … the result of a sharp correction to the flight path due to our plane and one leaving from O’Hare coming a bit closer than they should have. The pilot mentioned afterwards that the vertical separation was sufficient but the flight paths were … well let’s just leave it at that … Suffice it to say that fortunately it wasn’t of a sufficient nature that it made the evening news.

Chicago skyline from 8000 feet
The lane was a bit lower and more level than normal … due to an error on the part of flight controllers. Larry Shapiro photo

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