Sunset at the end of the road

After completing a shoot in Stockton, CA this afternoon, I was driving around the city looking for subject matter prior to getting on the highway. It was the end of the day and I viewed this sunset at the end of a road in an industrial area. I liked the shapes involved to create a silhouette; the bridge, the trees, the signs, the street lights, and the irregular structure at the end of the street.

sunset at the end of the road
The sun setting behind a bridge at the end of a road in California. Larry Shapiro photo

As it turned out, I increased the Shadows slider to open up the foreground and bring back some detail instead of having complete blackness for a silhouette. Without the small bit of foreground detail, the image would have been less interesting with the huge amount of undefined black.

sunset at the end of the road
Here’s the same shot without any of the foreground detail. Larry Shapiro photo