Solitary man on the beach at dusk

It goes without saying that a little editing, a few tonal adjustments including contrast and saturation plus an enhancement filter or two can alter not only the appearance but the feel of an image.

These three examples of a solitary man on the beach at dusk each have their own merits and will appeal to a different taste.

First, the original image after basic editing.

man watching the ocean at dusk
This image with minor tonal adjustments reflects the image largely as the eye saw it. Larry Shapiro photo

The next version includes some pixel editing in addition to tonal adjustments to create added contrast and softness to the image.

man watching the ocean at dusk
The man appears silhouetted in this example as the table on the beach was removed and the value of the highlights on the water were increased. Larry Shapiro photo

One more version taken to black and white.

solitude on the beach at dusk
A simple black and white image was created from the previous version. Larry Shapiro photo