Signs of NYC

Spending some time in the West Village of lower Manhattan proved be a source for interesting photos. Various signs of NYC … signage on buildings and a particular truck … kept my attention as I had time to kill.

Greenwich House Pottery
This sign is very traditional and subdued. Larry Shapiro photo
Tio Pepe NYC
Colorful and creative and perhaps a bit uncharacteristic of the traditional neighborhood. Larry Shapiro photo
Varsano's Chocolate
This one I like, the contrast and graphics are attractive. Larry Shapiro photo
The Slaughtered Lamb Pub in the West Village of NYC
Although a bit creepy, this one is great and fits with the feel of the buildings. Larry Shapiro photo

I wonder how many rear end collisions have occurred behind this truck …

dumbo moving truck in NYC
Last but certainly not least … this eye catching attention getter is likely to cause an accident. Larry Shapiro photo