Photos from Lugano Switzerland

We took an excursion today across the border into Switzerland for a bit of dinner …

We experienced some incredible scenic views … many were unobtainable as I was driving through the mountains on narrow roads with drivers on my … tail … and motor scooters coming towards me in my lane as they were passing slower traffic … with that said, here are a few images of Lake Lugano before entering Switzerland

Lake Lugano near the Porlezza Italy
Larry Shapiro photo
Lake Lugano near the Porlezza Italy
Larry Shapiro photo
Lake Lugano near the Swiss border
Lake Lugano as seen from Porlezza, Italy. Larry Shapiro photo

Another image of the lake from the town of Lugano

Lake Lugano i the town of Lugano Switzerland
Larry Shapiro photo

An interesting street scene found while exploring Lugano

wrought iron fence in the city
Interesting textures from this fence and the park contained within. Larry Shapiro photo

Another enormous fire department headquarters … Corpo civici pompieri di Lugano … there are 10 bays on the street side, most are packed two deep, then there are another nine bays in the building behind. This also includes the training tower and a four-story building to house offices and living quarters.

Corpo civici pompieri di Lugano headquarters station
Corpo civici pompieri di Lugano headquarters. Larry Shapiro photo

The website above has a link to all the apparatus.