Photographing tow trucks

I’ve had several occasions to play with photographing tow trucks … either for Freightliner, Miller Industries¬†(they build Century, Challenger, Chevron, Vulcan, and Holmes brands), or for a book that I wrote ¬†called Tow Trucks in Action.

On assignment in Des Moines, IA for Freightliner, I came across this good looking Century wrecker from Hanifen Towing. Similar to shooting fire trucks, you don’t have to worry about cleaning a truck when you’re working with a towing operator. They take pristine care of their trucks and when it comes time for photos, the trucks are clean and polished!

This heavy wrecker was built on a Freightliner FLD chassis with a sleeper compartment.

heavy wrecker tow truck
Century heavy wrecker on a tandem axle Freightliner FLD chassis from Hanifen Towing in Des Moines, IA. Larry Shapiro photo