Photographing big trucks

Part 3 of my series on photographing big trucks at a West Virginia coal mine features images that I took for myself. None of these giant trucks or other earth moving machines were part of the assignment. Aside from wanting the images for my collection, I have been involved with several book projects over the years and one never knows when another will come along.

Photographing trucks here enabled me to have these other specialized images in my stock, since I had permission to shoot while I was on location.

Caterpillar 988 and Mack truck
A Caterpilar 988 end loader with a huge Mack truck. Larry Shapiro photo
Komatsu 730 giant earth mover
A giant Komatsu 730 working at the mining operation. Larry Shapiro photo

If you’ve never had the chance to be up close and personal with one of these, they are really massive.

giant earth movers at coal mining operation
An O&K RH200 loads a continuous stream of giant dump trucks. Larry Shapiro photo
giant earth moving equipment at coal mining operation
More of the mining operation. Larry Shapiro photo
Caterpillar 789B earth mover
Caterpillar 789B maneuvering the site. Larry Shapiro photo
giant earth movers at a mining operation
Another image showing the back and forth routine that never stops. Larry Shapiro photo