On vacation and back to blogging

So … it’s been a while without any posts … call it a rest, a sabbatical, or something

I’m ready to begin again.

Here’s a quiet image at night of a serene spot that I found while vacationing in Florida. I was just out for a night stroll with Dorothy … temperatures in the 70s, while it’s 18 degrees at home. What the photo doesn’t adequately display is the glass-like surface of the pool and the fact that the water level is flush with sides of the pool. Very cool indeed. And, uplitĀ palm trees are always beautiful.

Since the image was handheld, I had to ramp up the ISO (2000), set the shutter where I could comfortably hold it steady (1/80) and rack open the lens to F4.

A few adjustments in Adobe Lightroom to bring out some of the shadow detail while reducing the highlights to minimize the hot spots in the trees.



Tropic resort pool with palm trees at night
Handheld image … low light, high ISO, big aperture. Larry Shapiro photo