Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Crash Trucks

On my way home from Arkansas on Saturday, I found myself at the airport with about a half hour to spare … too ¬†much time to spend waiting at an airport (in my way of thinking). Fortunately for me, my ride … (Rogers FD DC Hyde) was of the same mind and suggested stopping by the firehouse for a look at the¬†Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport crash trucks.

I told him that if there’s a fire truck in front of me, I’ll take pictures of it. So, the guys on duty were great and pulled out all three ARFF units. The newest is a Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 and the others are twin E-ONE Titan 4x4s.

Rosenbauer Panther ARFF XNA
2005 Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 ARFF at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Larry Shapiro photo
One of a pair of twin 1997 E-ONE Titan 4×4 ARFF units at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Crash. Larry Shapiro photo
XNA P-3 is a twin to P-2, a 1997 E-ONE Titan 1,500-GPM ARFF. Larry Shapiro photo

(I sure would love to have that Titan name plate for my collection …)

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  1. Dear Sir,

    French collector, I am collecting Worlwide airport fire models (in 1/43rd -1/50th scale). I create too my own models and decals for my personnal collection.
    I project to built a E-ONE Titan replica from Northwest Airport Regional Airport. I allow me to contact you because I am looking for “desesperately” the side logo used on the Titan. Impossible for me to find an high resolution pic of this logo on the web… ;-)…
    Please, with your agreement, is it possible for you to send me close-up pics or file of this logo (if possible in JPEG, PNG or SVG format) ?. For information, I will use it for my personal only.
    Many thanks in advance for actions that you will take to my “very special” request…

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