Northern Ireland scenic images

Digging through some older files, I came across several¬†Northern Ireland scenic images that were taken with an older series camera. As technology changes, so does one’s ability to edit and process image files, and reprocess them … especially older files that can be enhanced to bring out more detail than was previously possible.

While driving along the Northern Coastline some years ago, we encountered this castle on a grassy cliff.

Northern Ireland castle
This original image is flat and muddy looking. The dynamic range was insufficient. Larry Shapiro photo

Notice all the shadow detail in the reprocessed image. It all existed in the file but was difficult to bring out years ago without introducing a tremendous amount of digital noise. The same is true for the castle stonework.

Northern Ireland castle
After reprocessing the image with the OnOne Perfect Photo Suite, there is much more detail and vibrance making a much more dramatic image. Larry Shapiro photo

As the road wound closer to the water’s edge, we stopped to admire these rock cliffs with the rolling grass fields.

Cliffs on the Northern Coast of Ireland
The day was overcast and the original file was flat, and dull, and not very interesting, Larry Shapiro photo

The beauty of the cliff walls was lost in the original image, so too was the detail in the rocks along the water.

Cliffs on the Northern Coast of Ireland
The reprocessed image again portrays excellent shadow detail in the cave along the shore and along the dark grass face. The rocks have life and the water is now a much more interesting element. Larry Shapiro photo