Mission Township Fire Department

During my recent trip to Kansas, I visited the Mission Township Fire Department on the outskirts of Topeka. They have two new units from Rosenbauer America on the Commander chassis. Though they look like twins, one is a traditional engine and the other is a rescue pumper.

When the department purchased these two units, the adopted a new color scheme; red and blue.

Mission Township FD Rosenbauer Commander
Mission Township FD Rescue 40 with the new color scheme. Larry Shapiro photo

This unit is filled to capacity with a huge compliment of tools.

Mission Township FD Rosenbauer Commander
Rescue 40 has a hydraulic ladder rack to allow for more storage space in the compartments. Larry Shapiro photo

The engine looks very similar except for the mid-ship, top-mounted pump console.

Mission Township FD Rosenbauer Commander
Mission Township Engine 40. Larry SHapiro photo

The front bumper of Rescue 40 has a set of hydraulic rescue tools.

hydraulic rescue tools in front bumper of fire engine
Rescue 40 has tool storage in the front bumper for quick deployment. Larry Shapiro photo

I had a beautiful day for photography and the fire department personnel found this great open spot to setup the shots.