Laredo Airport fire truck at dusk

What can I say. I enjoy what I do. Unless I’m rushing off to catch a flight home … I keep shooting until the fire department is tired of me, or until I’m no longer able to create an interesting image (and sometimes that’s beyond the point at which the fire department is tired of me).

When I was in Laredo, TX I had several trucks to shoot. My final task of the day was at the airport where I started about an hour before the sunset. Then, I asked about shooting the Laredo Airport fire truck at dusk. The guys were all for it, but we were a little shy of the necessary supplemental light.

I had the truck set where I wanted it, positioned the tripod, did some test shots. They had one other ARFF truck in the firehouse and it had some flood lights. I had them park off to my left to illuminate the side of the truck, then they repositioned to my right to light up the front. Afterwards a subsequent exposure was taken for all the emergency lights. This final image is a combination of the three distinct files.

airport fire truck at night
The image was created with the supplemental lighting of another vehicle. Larry Shapiro photo