Junction City Fire Department

One of my stops this week while in Kansas was to visit the Junction City Fire Department to photograph a new engine and an aerial ladder. Although it may seem silly to mention, but the first aspect of photographing new fire trucks is of course to see that they’re clean. Often this happens before I arrive, but that’s not always the case.

When I arrived in Junction City, Engine 1 was parked out in the sun getting wiped down.

washing a fire engine
Engine 1 is pretty tall and required a few extra steps to reach the top. Larry Shapiro photo
washing a fire engine
Tire dressing is often part of the process before photos, but here we had to improvise. Larry Shapiro photo

After the cleanup, the first set of images was done on the apron with the classic old public safety building as a backdrop.

Rosenbauer Commander fire engine
Although I don’t always shoot in bright sun, there’s something to say about the bright, vibrant colors that it produces. Larry Shapiro photo

I’m very grateful for the assistance that I receive from the fire department staff when I photograph the trucks.