Images of Venice Italy at night

Some images of Venice Italy at night, several┬átaken from the water. It’s an amazing place to visit … and expensive. If you go, take some good walking shoes because if you don’t want to continually pay the water taxis … it’s quite a hike to get anywhere around the canals and bridges.


Venice water taxi at night
Sometimes a mistake creates art … Larry Shapiro photo

The shot above came about with the wrong shutter speed from a moving boat …

a Venice canal at night
Placing the camera on the ground, and taking a timed exposure enabled this dramatic and still image at night. Larry Shapiro photo

If you don’t have a tripod and a cable release, it’s still possible to get great shots at night. Here, I metered the exposure and set the camera on the wall of the canal. Then, to eliminate camera shake, I set the camera to a delayed shutter release so that my hand was away from the camera by the time the shutter opened for the exposure.

the Grand Canal at night
By setting my camera on the dock, I used a delayed shutter and long exposure to capture this serene image of the canal in Venice. Larry Shapiro photo

This was a similar type of exposure as the previous image.

Venice water taxi driver at night
After a $200 fare … a grateful taxi driver. Larry Shapiro photo
the city of Venice at sunset
From a water taxi, another sunset image of the city. Larry Shapiro photo
the city of Venice at sunset
While traveling in a water taxi, the city at sunset. Larry Shapiro photo