Fire truck photography

Here’s a busy image of an industrial fire engine at a refinery in Ft. McMurray, Canada. This 4×4 E-ONE custom fire engine was photographed on-location for inclusion in one of the E-ONE fire truck calendars.

I probably should have pulled the focus a bit to create more separation between the fire engine and the very busy background … or at the very least I could have done it in post production. But, the fact of the matter is … I didn’t. It’s intentionally a busy image … there’s so much going on at the refinery and the object was to illustrate the industrial fire engine in it’s environment.

Sometimes with fire truck photography (or any assignment for that matter) you have to change the rules or do the opposite of what might have been appropriate in a different context.

When going on-site at a private facility, they dictate the acceptable areas for photography and then may have a review process afterwards to make sure that nothing proprietary is visible in the final shot.

fire truck at refinery
An image created for the E-ONE calendar depicting a custom industrial fire engine at a Canadian refinery. Larry Shapiro photo