Fire engines at a fire scene

I took in a fire today in Barrington Hills (IL). A huge mansion was destroyed after the resident was burning some leaves too close to the house on a windy day. The embers spread first to a tree and then the house. The fire was complicated by the fact that this upscale area has no fire hydrants. All the water need to fight the fire had to come in by truck before being dumped into large portable tanks. The trucks then had to drive to a water source to refill before repeating the process.

I photographed the house on fire, the water dumping evolutions, and several of the trucks themselves. Photographing fire engines at a fire scene entails both working units and static images of trucks that are simply parked and not being used. Here are a few images from the scene.

E-ONE fire engine pumping at a fire scene
In the driveway, this was one of the primary units pumping at the scene. Larry Shapiro photo
Lake Zurich FD fire engine at work
This engine was drafting from one of the portable tanks. Larry Shapiro photo
Fox Lake FD Spartan Alexis pumper tanker
One of close to 30 pumper/tankers delivering water to the scene.
East Dundee FPD HME Alexis pumper tanker
A low angle creates a larger than life dramatic view. Larry Shapiro photo
Schaumburg Fire Department fire engine
Staged perfectly in the sun with a great background, I shot this on my way out. Larry Shapiro photo
West Dundee fire engine
Another perfect shot. I’d like to have this location available for a client shoot. Larry Shapiro photo