Fatal 2nd alarm fire for DCFD

While visiting Washington DC, I took in a fatal 2nd alarm fire for DCFD. I arrived after the fire had been extinguished at roughly 3:30AM during a pretty steady rain.

I had lunch at Rescue 1 with Vito Maggiolo, and wanted to thank the members with a quick, impromptu portrait of the company after the fire.

DCFD Rescue 1 firemen after fighting a fire
The members of Rescue 1 with their apparatus. Larry Shapiro photo

Additionally, being in a different city, I tried to photograph as many of the trucks as possible that were on the scene.

DCFD Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 at a fire scene
Two of the three DCFD Rescue squads at the scene during a heavy rain. Larry Shapiro photo
DCFD fire engine at a night fire scene
One of the 10 engine companies that was at the scene. Larry Shapiro photo