Environmental portraits of firefighters

I took in an attic fire this weekend in an unincorporated area of Lake County. The firefighters had the fire out by the time that I arrived, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t images to create. For one thing, they were venting the roof when I was there.

firemen on the roof of a building
Firemen masking up join the roof before going to work. Larry Shapiro photo
fireman on the roof of a building
A closeup of a firefighter standing by after venting the roof. Larry Shapiro photo
firemen venting a roof with a saw
Tight shot of the saw cutting into the roof. Larry Shapiro photo
firemen venting a roof
Another tight shot of the firemen removing a section of the roof, Larry Shapiro photo
probationary fireman carrying a saw down an aerial ladder
The new guy carrying the saw down the ladder. Larry Shapiro photo

But my point is … sure there is the scene to document … the apparatus placement, the damage, the location … but I look around for other interesting images like environmental portraits. It’s an opportunity for me to … well for ┬álack of a better description … act like the paparazzi. I carry two cameras at daytime incidents, one has the EOS 70-200 2.8UL ISM lens which allows me to keep some distance while creating some candid images with tight crops. This encompasses the work and of course the faces.

fireman in full PPE exting a house after fighting a fire
Upon exiting the house in full PPE, this fireman shows signs of job that was just completed. Larry Shapiro photo
fireman after removing his mask
The expression conveys his need to cool off after coming out of the house. Larry Shapiro photo
fireman climbing down an aerial ladder with tools
Using the long lens allowed me to crop tight on this fireman coming down the ladder framed by the colorful trees and stark ladder. Larry Shapiro photo
firefighter wearing PPE talking with friends
Snared from a distance, this beautiful portrait is completely natural and candid. Larry Shapiro photo

So, I am creating environmental portraits of firefighters at the scene.