Dramatic neighborhood sunset

It’s amazing how much beauty can be found in your own neighborhood. Tonight, while taking a walk, we were entertained by a dramatic neighborhood sunset. One of the most disturbing aspects of these incredible sunsets, is they only last for minutes … they’re constantly changing. I grabbed a few shots from the street in front of our house …

golden sunset from a neighborhood street
The colors were spectacular when we first noticed the sunset room our house, but I wanted a much more open space to capture the dramatic sky. Larry Shapiro photo

… before we broke into a run to get to the nearest open field that was over two blocks away. The expanse of color had greatly diminished when we got there …

gold and blue sunset over trees
Though the colors were still present, the entire sky was no longer on fire and the sun continued to set. Larry Shapiro photo

We continued our walk until we were passing our neighborhood pizza restaurant … Nino’s Pizza … and I thought the remaining dusk light would combine well with the building’s illumination.

Nino's Pizza in Buffalo Grove IL at dusk
The remains gold on the horizon formed a natural extension to the gold in the lights around the restaurant’s roof. Larry Shapiro photo

After passing the restaurant and looking back at it, I took another shot against the rich blue sky with the street light adding even more amber/gold to the foreground.

Nino's Pizza in Buffalo Grove IL at dusk
The gold color of the restaurant lighting was bold against the muted blue of the remaining daylight. Larry Shapiro photo