Creatures and inhabitants of Palm Beach

When Dorothy and I were in Florida recently, we both spent time photographing all manner of interesting sites including different creatures and inhabitants of Palm Beach. We took long walks with our cameras documenting reptiles, birds, trees, buildings, and people. We came across some interesting subjects.

There was a spot near our hotel that is home to 100 Amazonian Hybrid Parrots. They’re noisy, and were in the trees singing at dawn and dusk.

Amazonian Hybrid Parrot
It was difficult to spot these guys in the trees until they started singing … the sound was almost deafening. Dorothy Shapiro photo
Amazonian Hybrid Parrot
This Amazonian Hybrid Parrot took a liking to having his picture taken. Dorothy Shapiro photo

Then we saw some very common Curvytail Lizards … though one didn’t have a curvy tail.

Curlytail Lizard in Palm Beach
A Curlytail Lizard catching some rays. Larry Shapiro photo
Curlytail Lizard
I believe that this too is a Curlytail Lizard … that lost part of it’s tail. Larry Shapiro photo

Dorothy photographed a Black-Bellied-Whistling-Duck (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it is) that was doing morning calisthenics.

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck stretching near a pond. Dorothy Shapiro photo

When we started our walk one morning, we were greeted by this White Ibis.

White Ibis
A White Ibis posing and gave me a slight turn of the head so the sun was full on his red beak. Larry Shapiro photo

We spotted another species native to the area as we walked by The Beach Club of Palm Beach

Playing croquet in Palm Beach
A fivesome in classic white conferring about the rules during a game of croquet. Larry Shapiro photo

Lastly, Dorothy captured another creature that is non-native to Florida but found throughout the country at different times of the year … the photographer!

Larry Shapiro photographing a sunrise
Dorothy created this dramatic silhouette of me as I was shooting the same silhouette of the palm trees. Dorothy Shapiro photo